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At Kashmiri Realty we believe that working together we can lift all boat. We work hand in hand with Realtors & agents across the Nation to help them market their properties via our property listing platform for free. There are ways you can get free marketing for your properties in their area. Below we have added a list of item you can add to your property listing details that will make it eligible for free social advertisement.

Top priority for your property to be eligible for free advertisement is content, your description of the property should be well decumented and creative. If you optimize your property listing for your area, it will make an ideal candidate for ads. Talk about the locations amenities, how far is the school? what are some of the nearby stores? are there any recreational venues? maybe a scenic hike, a local park, children based establishments and more. Add plenty of images, 10 would be a good number to go with.

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