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Listing & Selling Your Home

Deciding when is the best time and what price to sell your home should be as strategic as any other important task, job or worthwhile goal in your life. Knowing your local market is important if you're looking to get the best price for your residential home or commercial property.

Kashmiri Realty & Property Management company works with real estate investors and individual home buyers to seek the best property for their goals. Whether you're looking to flip the next fabulous home, purchasing to list the property for rent or seeking to raise your family in the beautiful Jacksonville or Orange Park area. Kashmiri Realty & Property Management will guide you through every step along the way.

Most properties listed with Kashmiri Realty have the opportunity to be put through our marketing team. Our marketing team will promote your property listing in its local area through our monthly property marketing strategies.

Purchasing & Covering Closing Cost

One of the most important make it or break it concerns when purchasing your home is your closing cost. This can change the direction you take as a buyer. In most cases, you can look at paying between 3% to 20% down payment for your home or investment property. With Florida's First Time Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program & grants, you can save considerably on your closing cost.

Starting on January 1st, the First Time Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program will provide up to $7,500 to home buyers in Florida Counties. First time buyers in Jacksonville & Orange Park fall under these guidelines, call us to find out more.

Your closing can include title insurance, appraisals, loan origination fee, home inspection, cash reserves, earnest money deposit and you have to allocate space for additional considerations like movers if you're moving from one home to another and that's just to name a few.

Recent Properties This Week's Most Admired Properties

421 La Paz Pl Orange Park Florida 32073
$ 1295.00

3Bedrooms / 2Bathroom in Clay 421 La Paz Pl

Garage 1 Beds 3 Baths 2 SQ FT 1400
Beautiful 2 Story Home in Jacksonville, FL
$ 1395.00

Beautiful 2 Story Home in Jacksonville 8456 Oak Crossing Dr. W.

Garage 2 Beds 4 Baths 2.5 SQ FT 1933
$ 137000.00

Beautiful 3 bed in Jacksonville 2766 Robinett Dr.

Garage 1 Beds 3 Baths 2 SQ FT 1266
4 bed room home
$ 1250.00

Gorgeous Started Home 8439 Everest Drive.

Garage 2 Beds 3 Baths 2 SQ FT 1306

Property Management & Commercial Real EstateResidential & Commercial Property Management & Investing

Dedicated Property Management Team

If you're a novice breaking into residential property investments, or knee deep into the real estate industry. Having a dedicated property management team like the real estate agents at Kashmiri Realty & Property Management can help you excel. Property investments shouldn't rob you of your time, it should help increase the quality of your life. As a residential property investor, you can increase your wealth by focusing on your next investment and not the day to day task of property management.

As your dedicated property management team, we go above and beyond the usual real estate broker company. We don't only list your property in MLS, we put your property listing trough our marketing team and advertise it to increase traffic to your listing from multiple sources.

Kashmiri Realty & Property Management will take care of all of your documentation needs with your renters. From the initial visit and inspection, to the rental agreement and move in date. We have you covered! It doesn't end at the rental lease, our property management services include managing maintenance issues, collecting monthly payments on your behalf and much more.

Purchasing & Managing Commercial Real Estate

Investing, managing and maintaining commercial property has many moving parts, both in the present and future. Investing in commercial real estate is all about the terms, the deal and ROI. Some would say "Purchase an investment, don't just acquire a property". Kashmir Realty can guide you through the purchase of income property to ensure your commercial investment produces a profit and not a lose.

As an investor, you have to think about the future of your property investments. Unlike time, property investments do have a shelf life. Over time, your commercial investments will need upkeep and that takes money. We will help you map out yearly game plans that can take into considerations additional repair cost like a new roof, HAVC system and upkeep on the electrical system across the building.

Considering other variables of commercial property investing is essential if you're going to succeed. Your investment type should be based on your goals. Are you looking to invest in retail, offices, land or apartments? Tell us your commercial real estate investment goals and we can help guide you towards a final decision. We look at land surveys and other relevant data to avoid wet lands and unsuitable commercial investment properties.

Most Popular Properties Residential Homes for Rent, Houses for Sale, Vacant Land, Commercial Real Estate

Jacksonville Vacant Land
$ 14000.00

Beautiful Vacant Land 6073 Catawissa Ct.

Garage 0 Beds 0 Baths 0 SQ FT 15246
5728 English Oak Dr S. jacksonville  fl 32244
$ 168000.00

Gorgeous Started Home 5728 English Oak Dr S.

Garage 1 Beds 4 Baths 2 SQ FT 1462
2754 Frontier Ave, Orange Park fl 32065
$ 1075.00

Location, Location! 2754 Frontier Ave.

Garage 1 Beds 3 Baths 2 SQ FT 1300
2798 Frontier Ave, Orange Park fl 32065
$ 1095.00

Gogeous Single Family Home 2798 Frontier Ave.

Garage 1 Beds 3 Baths 2 SQ FT 1348

Careers with Kashmiri Realty A Real Estate Agents Home For Success!

It takes a lot to get started in the real estate field. Before you reach your goals of becoming a broker, you first have to spend the 2 years gaining experience and learning from others. Having a broker that cares about your needs as an agent is a top priority if you want to succeed in the real estate market. Kashmiri Realty understands this, that's why we provide real estate agents with the tools they need to help buyers, list homes and manage properties with ease.

There are hurdles you have to overcome with both marketing, technology and advisory assistance. With Kashmiri Realty, you can expect to have support in all of these areas. We provide a website with your own profile, we promote your property listings via social platforms after you meet the optimization requirements, we help you generate leads and can help convert them into sales. Your success becomes part of a bigger team and we all look forward to working together in order to lift all boats. Apply with Kashmiri Realty today to start or continue your career with the Kashmiri Team.

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